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” Swear to me that everything that you told me about the fireflies is true ”

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Dude, it’s… whatever.

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here are some low quality photos of my majora’s mask, astral observatory inspired bedroom and qr codes. im sure someone else could do a better job on it but this is pretty much my best effort lol

the clock took a while to make tho so look at it 

also the reason i made the floor more of a dark blue color scheme is cuz like i tried making it the actual colors of the floor part but it looked too bright, soo.. i decided this was better at conveying the mood or whatever idk

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Nightly, instead of sleeping, I choose to lay in bed and think of haikus. Here is one such gem:

Appetite for meat
Axl Rose boner sausage
I’m not hungry now

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Blood paints a pattern of Rorschach's design, thawing the winter that burdens this heart.